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February 9, 2008

media and ethics seminar, Westminter Uni, London

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On 14 March 2008 Westminster University’s Communication and Media Research Institute will host an international seminar on Media and Ethics. The seminar will offer a cross-disciplinary perspective on media and ethics, drawing on international experts in political economy and policy, media history, media audiences, documentary and visual anthropology, to discuss contemporary developments in this area.  Topics include ethics and political journalism, the BBC and Northern Ireland, documentary and human rights, children and new media. More at the CAMRI site.

December 19, 2007

Bigger and better…

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The International Herald Tribune reports that the US Federal Communications Commission has made a major change in policy. Broadcasters in the largest markets will now be able to own a newspaper as well. The decision, supported it seems by the White House but opposed by Congress, is, according to the paper, partly a response to the declining profits of newspaper companies in the US.

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