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June 25, 2009

Ethical Space ranked as A-grade journal

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The journal of the Institute of Communication Ethics, Ethical Space, has been ranked as an A-grade academic journal by the Australian Research Council, in its assessment of journals in the Humanities and Creative Arts area. This puts it among the top 20% of journals.

The ranking recognises that the journal is a high quality international journal. The council’s full criterion for the A grade reads:

The majority of papers in a Tier A journal will be of very high quality. Publishing in an A journal would enhance the author’s standing, showing they have real engagement with the global research community and that they have something to say about problems of some significance. Typical signs of an A journal are lowish acceptance rates and an editorial board which includes a reasonable fraction of well known researchers from top institutions.

June 24, 2009

Call for abstracts: The annual conference of the Institute of Communication Ethics

‘I’m an ethicist…get me out of here’: Communication, celebrity and conscience in a global media age

The annual conference of the Institute of Communication Ethics

When: Wednesday October 28, 2009 10 am-1 pm Where: Start Up Cafe, Coventry University, Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5SB All welcome!

Call for abstracts

The conference aims to explore the many ethical issues facing communication professionals and academics in the global media age.

Thus papers may wish to examine some of the following questions:

  • Can we speak meaningfully of global ethical communication standards?
  • To what extent is the concept of global public sphere/s useful in understanding contemporary communication issues?
  • What are the ethical dilemmas (for both journalists and citizens) associated with the now globalised social networking sites?
  • Does the politics of celebrity culture serve to marginalise more significant issues and perspectives (thus contributing to the ‘dumbing down’ of the media and the rise of ‘churnalism’)?
  • Can the contradictions within the celebrity culture be explored for progressive purposes: for instance, can issues relating to racism, sexism, disability and class be explored in Reality TV programmes?
  • To what extent does celebrity coverage reinforce a culture of cruelty?
  • To what extent has the celebrity culture invaded the world of politics?

In addition papers may wish to focus on:

  • Case studies of celebrity coverage and manufacture eg Jade Goody, David Beckham; Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell; Britney Spears, Madonna
  • The globalisation of the celebrity culture: within hours of appearing on Britain’s got talent Susan Boyle became a global superstar - thanks to YouTube.
  • Comparative case studies - celebrity coverage in contrasting cultures (eg Nigeria and the US)
  • Comparative case studies of PR promotion in contrasting cultures

Abstracts of 200 words should be sent to Prof Richard Lance Keeble at by September 14, 2009. Feedback following peer review will be given back within 10 days. Selected contributions will appear in a future edition of Ethical Space: The International Journal of Communication Ethics (

Attendance at the conference will cost £55. Please send cheques payable to ‘Institute of Communication Ethics’ c/o Fiona Thompson, Faculty of Media, Business & Marketing, Leeds Trinity & All Saints, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5HD.

The ICE conference will be followed by the major international ‘Is world journalism in crisis’ conference, in the Humber Theatre, Coventry University 2-5 pm

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