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October 7, 2014

Protests over threats to Sydney peace journalism centre

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A campaign to save the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS) in its present form has been launched at the University of Sydney. Jake Lynch, director of the centre who spoke at last year’s annual conference of the Institute of Communication Ethics, commented: ‘There is an agenda within the university to demote us to a sub-section of another academic department. This would put our role in public advocacy for peace with justice at risk, and also risk compromising our research, including on peace journalism.’ The terms of reference for the review are to evaluate:

1. the financial sustainability of CPACS in the context of past and potentially future student load and research income;
2. the quality of teaching and supervision of students;
3. its research performance;
4. current administrative arrangements;
5. the overall strategic fit of the centre with the strategic plans of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the university more generally;
6. its performance in relation to its commitment to advocacy for peace with justice in collaboration with other peace centres and agencies.

Prof Lynch added: ‘If you are, or were, a student at the centre, please write addressing point 2. If you have worked with ideas generated through our research, please write addressing point 3. If you appreciate our advocacy work, please write addressing point 6.

Written submissions should be emailed to (with a copy to If you do not wish for your submission to be included in the final report which will be made public, your submission should be marked ‘confidential’. The deadline for written submissions is Friday, 17 October.

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