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December 17, 2010

Pilger: ruthlessly exposing media failures over conflict coverage

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Robert Beckett reviews John Pilger’s latest film which highlights the failures of the mainstream media in their coverage of conflicts since 1945

The war you don’t see is a powerful documentary film made by John Pilger, one of the world’s great investigative journalists. More than a documentary, Pilger’s film is ruthless in its aim of questioning war reporting and the role of the media in conflicts since 1945 - though much of the focus is on the recent wars of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

There are three questions at the heart of the film: what is the role of the media in war? why do journalists beat the drum of war? and how are crimes of war reported when they are [our] crimes?

Citing detailed film and documentary evidence and using expert witnesses, Pilger builds a case that is simply devastating. Both the 24/7 media and the Western military are implicated in a deceit that has the innocent starved, tortured and murdered in their thousands using the tools of modem technological warfare, and in the name of democracy (or should that be hypocrisy?).

Some of the footage is simply disgusting, demonstrating how it is that callous and deluded men kill children, women and unarmed foreigners in other countries, in the name of freedom. For a full archive of Pilger’s immense and valuable catalogue of documentary journalism see: John Pilger has donated his entire archive to the University of Lincoln which is in the process of digitalising it.

- The war you don’t see: a documentary film by John Pilger (97 mins); in UK cinemas from 13 December 2010. The John Pilger site will stream the film in the Video section at some point this year.

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