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December 12, 2007

Journalists protest over threats to standards

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Journalists from all sectors of the media - broadcasters, newspapers, magazines, PR and online - joined in a massive campaign across the UK on 5 November in protest at the cuts in the industry which are seriously threatening standards and jobs.

According to the website ‘Most media companies make big profits but they engage in round after round of cuts to increase their profit margins. Journalists are reduced to a cross between call-centre workers and data processors. Stuck at their desks re-jigging press releases. Who knows what corruption, lies and law-breaking is going on in the corridors of powers. No one has the time to look.’

As part of the day of action, members of the National Union of Journalists, which co-ordinated the campaign, lobbied the Society of Editors’ conference in Manchester and then held a protest meeting at Friends Meeting House.

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