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April 13, 2008

Public integrity symposium (Florida, 2009)

CALL FOR PAPERS: 2009 Public Integrity Symposium

Ethics Education and Training
Ethics education and training are no longer cottage industries in higher education, business, government, or the world of NGOs. There is a rapidly growing consensus, as well as empirical evidence, that sound ethical practices and behavior go hand-in-hand with high performance, better products and services, and improved governance. These forward steps are truly exciting. Still, there is much to do and to learn.

This symposium seeks to advance our knowledge of the successes and failures, tools and methods, costs and return on investments in ethics education and training. Authors are invited to submit abstracts of papers to be considered for inclusion in the symposium. A multi-disciplinary approach is welcomed. Paper topics include but are not limited to:
Current trends and practices in any discipline or within a field of practice
Cross disciplinary developments in business, public administration, social work, criminal justice, and other fields
Normative ethics theory/practice
Educational and training methods and approaches
Cases involving success stories or failures
Assessments of educational and training programs
Inventory and assessment of ethics centers and institutes
Roles of professional accrediting bodies such as the National Schools of Public Affairs & Administration
International training and education including trans-national organizations such as the U.N. and the World Bank
Professional associations
Ethics management in organizations
Leadership ethics
Decision making theories
New Public Management ethics training

Given the limited space available for the symposium in Public Integrity, it is anticipated that a book length manuscript will also be produced to include an expanded number of high quality papers.

June 1, 2008               Abstract
October 1, 2008          Manuscript draft (All papers will be subject to blind refereeing.)
November 15, 2008    Revised manuscript submitted (All manuscripts must be submitted with APA style & formatting.)
December 15, 2008    Manuscript acceptance notification

Send Abstract/Paper in Word 2003 to:
Donald C. Menzel, Ph.D. & Symposium Editor

3930 American Drive
Tampa, FL 33634

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