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June 5, 2008

Journalists lose right to maintain sources confidential

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Journalists in Portugal are continuing to protest against recent legislation limiting press freedom The new Journalist Statute strips journalists of their right to maintain the confidentiality of their sources, and contains provisions which prevent them from being paid fairly for the use of their work.

According to the legislation passed last September, journalists must now reveal their sources if requested to do so by a court investigating criminal offences. President Cavaco Silva, recognising that such provisions contravened provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure on professional secrecy, vetoed the bill in August, sending it back to parliament. However, it was subsequently passed by parliament after little more than minor adjustments. Provisions in the Journalist Statute also state that employers may now reuse the work of staff journalists, in any way within their media, without making additional payment to the journalists. This is as long as that reuse is within 30 day of the original publication.

Earlier, the Portuguese Prime Minister, Jose Socrates, came under fire following claims that the government had pressurised journalists after press articles questioned the authenticity of Socrates’ university degree. A poll taken at the time by Portuguese daily Diario Economico showed that 47 per cent of respondents had lost some degree of confidence in Socrates as a result.

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